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FTO - Certification & Services Course


The Scope


QualityGRowth Ltd will implement the appropriate techniques for:


1. The improvement of services through systematic monitoring of the Hotel's  functions

2. Staff training regarding how to implement and manage quality control systems

3. Training of the Quality Control appointed Manager (in an individual enterprise)

 for the effective performance of internal audits


The Target

QualityGRowth Ltd,   with its highly experienced Auditors and under the auspices of an accredited certification body, undertakes to implement the following:


1. "Monitoring and Recording" Training course

based on the requirements of standards of the F.T.O. governing the Hotel industry and specifically include:

- Auditing current operational status

- Monitoring and control via departmental inspections

- Training of all departmental managers - executives

 with regard to the Product Monitoring procedures.  Service referred to as "Safety and Risk Management program (©).


2. Support and preparation of the company

for inspection by the appropriate Certification Body, for the standards of the quality control management systems:

- ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System),

- ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 (Food Safety Management System),

- ELOT EN ISO 14000: 2004 (Environmental Management System).


3. Upgrade of existing Quality Management Systems

- ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008 to the new applicable standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015

- ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety System to the the current ISO 22000:2015


4. Total Business and Departmental Auditing


5. Monitoring through specialized inspections scheme


6. Training of executives with regard to the product Monitoring procedures

Service referred to as (safety and risk management program) ©.


The Purpose:

The improvement of services through systematic monitoring of the product "Hotel"


1. according to the F.T.O. STANDARDS issues:

• Health and safety facilities and equipment

• Hygiene and food safety


2. according to EN ISO STANDARDS issues:

• Organization, quality goals, improvement, customer satisfaction

• Health and Food Safety

• Environmental Management


The Benefit:

The benefit is the harmonization of the business to the compliance with the services demands of the Tour Operators (T/O) and the provision of impeccable services to your clients. The topics on which we focus,

are monitoring and control points in the Manual of FTO are the following:


FOOD HYGIENE (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) -  (HACCP)

NATURAL DISASTERS  (Natural Disaster Preparation)

COMMUNICABLE DISEASES (Legionnaires Disease)









The Cost

1. QualityGRowth  -  Departmental Staff Training & Education

Funded through L.A.E.K. by a 24% grant. Duration: 2days, 6 hours/day.

Cost: 2.200,00 €.


2. QualityGRowth  -  Auditing and Registering data for Evaluation

of the existing situation and implementation of treatment via the training

of a designated Hotel employee.

Cost: 1.500,00 €.


3. QualityGRowth  -  Annual Inspections

Minimum number of inspections three (3) yearly.

Cost: 250, 00 € per inspection.


4. QualityGRowth  -  Support and preparation

Of the relevant ISO system for inspection by the Certification entity

Cost: 700, 00 €


5. QualityGRowth  -  Upgrading of existing ISO protocols

to the requirements of newly introduced standards

Cost: 800, 00 €


6. QualityGRowth  -  Documenting new design

According to EN ISO depending on the size and number of managerial processes.

BASIC Package Cost: 500,00 €

Further detailed scheduling depending on  clients operational demands: to be agreed

following business auditing and upon acceptance of  the final offer.


All procedures and courses implemented under the supervision and standards

of the Federation of Tour Operators and ABTA.


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